Model : Manta “H”
Style: High Performance Fish / Short board Hybrid
Rail: Medium
Bottom Contour: Flat to the front foot, single concave with a V exit
Rocker: Low
Tail: Manta
Fins: FCS
Wave Suitability: 1-6ft
Description: The Manta “H” has been specifically designed by the DWW R&D team for fuller and fatter waves. It is also great for those bigger surfers who still want performance, combined with a board that is easy to paddle. It combines all the speed of a short board with the maneuverability of a fish. The extra width in the tail allows for an earlier and easier takeoff while maintaining speed and momentum through those mushy sections. A low rocker ensures maximum speed and when combined with a single concave and V exit, ensures maximum maneuverability. The Manta Tail gives the board extra bite in the bottom turn, so unlike most fishes, you can really load up.
Comments by the test pilot : “Great board for powering through the mush!”