Model : Manta “T”
Style: Ultra High Performance Short board
Rail: Medium/Low
Bottom Contour: Flat to the front foot, single concave with a V exit
Rocker: Low
Tail: Manta
Fins: FCS
Wave Suitabilit : 2-10ft
Description: The Manta “T” is our signature board and is the result of years of testing by the DWW R&D team in the search for the ultimate high performance shortboard. It is super fast, has an incredibly tight turning radius and maintains drive and momentum even when the wave bogs down. The narrower tail and sharper rails means that this board can be ridden on the steepest of waves. The Manta tail gives the board incredible bight in the turn. The more you load up the more speed and drive you will get, allowing you an easy set up for massive maneuvers, with the momentum and stability to pull them off. If you want a stick that will take your surfing to new levels, then this is the board for you.
Comments by the test pilot : “This is the best board I have ever had the privilege of riding”.
Check out the photos of Dan Brown putting the Manta “T” through its sea trials.